Spencer who?

To answer the Who question, let’s start with the 280-character tweetable version: I’m an Aquarius, expat of the south, former banjo player, brother, writer, photographer, digital marketer, frequent cocktail maker, expert campsite reserver and other things that end in “er”. As the photo to the left shows, I’m forever inquisitive and ever exploring.

That all probably explains why I went to the furtherest possible college from home (while staying in state), have lived abroad numerous times, started my own biz 8 years ago, and couldn’t live anywhere for more than 18 months until I was in my 30s. Yet I’ll Netflix with the best of ‘em. I’ll try new things, but I have my go-to taco truck(s) and craft cocktail bar haunts. The real truth is that I just want to have a well-lived life, from the top down, in my friendships, relationships, community, downtime, work, and everything in between. If I get one shot at this, I might as well make it count.

But here probably here to learn more about the work side of Spencer Spellman, and not discover how I spend my Saturdays. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life helping grow businesses’ reach and amplify their messages through writing, photography and content marketing strategies.

My mantra is simply this: Make it hard for people to say no, under promise, but over deliver. Take my work with Expedia, example. My original contract with Expedia was just two weeks, in which I developed and implemented a travel Twitter Q&A called #Expediachat. What began as just tweeting on behalf with Expedia turned into a three-year role in which I was content strategist and Editor-in-Chief, helping launch their first ambassador program and award-winning e-magazine/blog, Viewfinder.

Over the last decade I’ve helped other brands create great content that both inspires and converts. Anheuser-Busch, Tourism Australia, Capital One, Verizon, Elijah Craig, and Vail Resorts represent just a few brands I’ve worked with in a variety of ways, from creating content that inspires and converts, to award-winning content strategies.

While the vehicle of how I’ve done this has been different, storytelling via newspapers, magazines, social media posts, content partnerships, photography, design, video, and more, the principle has been the same. Quite simply, I want to tell and share great stories. Let’s make great stories together.